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Amazon Ads for Authors - The Details

Save hours. Sell more books. Improve your advertising effectiveness.

You just want to write books, right?


You’d also like people to read those books, but you’re having a hard time getting the word out. You don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of multiple ad platforms, and even if you do, you STILL have to put in the effort of figuring it all out and consistently managing those campaigns.


Maybe you’ve thrown a few dollars at Google because everyone says that keywords searches and AdWords are a thing.


Maybe you’ve tried to figure out Pinterest ads because it’s a visual medium and you have amazing book covers. You’ve probably tried to figure out BookBub Ads because those friendly folks in your author groups say that’s where the buyers are. Still, it’s a lot of trial and error that likely leads to more error than anything.

It’s a tough process.

Trust us, it always is, and always will be. Welcome to the world of indie publishing!


Over the past couple of years, Amazon ads have been growing in popularity. Lots of cool new features and options to get your books in front of the right readers.


Because let's face it, shoppers are on Amazon to purchase things.


Readers are there actively looking for the type of books you write, and they’re specifically on Amazon to SEARCH for them and to BUY them so they can READ them.

The other options we mentioned earlier do work to an extent–we’ve tried them all–but what we’ve found over the years is that the actual buying intent on Amazon is significantly higher.

And yet, learning how to use Amazon ads effectively still takes time and skills that you may not have, or, maybe you’d prefer to spend your time writing instead of…

  • Researching keywords

  • Figuring out budgets

  • Determining the proper ad copy to entice readers

  • Assessing customer search terms

  • Juggling bidding optimization

  • Observing the competition

  • Learning new skills and options as Amazon introduces them


And that’s just part of the skill-set required to run a successful advertising campaign!

You would rather be writing than spending countless hours learning an advertising platform, researching keywords, and monitoring endless amounts of data. Let us do that for you while you get back to crafting your next bestseller.

We'll guide you through the entire process and make it as simple as possible

Send us an email with any questions or ask about a free 15 minute consultation on the Plans & Pricing page!

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